Counterfeit Countess

Mentioned in the book are several newspaper and magazine articles. They are scanned below. Forgive me for forcing you to my website to read these, but there was no way to ensure the scans would be legible on the variety of electronic devices available. Rather than send anyone into a fit of fury over the dark blur of words on their ereader, I thought it preferable to bring you here. 

The following links are to the Austin American Statesman’s December article mentioned in the chapter titled “Making Headlines.”   Lost Countess page 1. Lost Countess page 2 (The second image is rather large so may take a moment to load). 

Here are a couple of the newspaper articles mentioned at the start of the chapter titled “The Aftermath.” 

From the Shelbyville Times Gazette and Associated Press, I give you two options.

The first are scans from the papers my mother kept, and they’re a little rough to read. Girl Gives Up Charade page 1 Charade page 2.

But here they are again all cleaned up: Girl Gives Up Charade page 1. Charade page 2.

And also from The Dallas Morning News Web of Deceit

And finally, the Woman’s World article that sent Mittwede into paranoid convulsions in the chapter titled “Passport Services.”  Counterfeit Countess